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HoverShoes Drift Board Wheels

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A New Ways To Play


Explore New Ways To Play

If you thought Hoverboards were fun, wait until you try the all new Hovershoes! Hovershoes are basically like two miniature Hoverboards that can move completely independently from one another. This gives your feet and legs the freedom to turn and move however you’d like with no effort.
Hover Shoes
Easy to Learn:

• there are no controllers to learn

• self-balancing technology makes learning to ride an easy experience

• step onto the Hovershoes and lean forward slightly to move forward, backwards, or turn.
Hover Shoes
Lightweight & Travel safe: Hovershoes are small, light, and easy to travel with. With each shoe weighing only 6 lbs you can easily carry, take them in a car, train or plane. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries mean they are travel safe and they are small enough to fit inside luggage and lockers.
Hover Shoes
Pedal width 140~150mm, length 230mm, shoe height 112mm, wheel width 90mm
Hover Shoes




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